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On Electronic, we provide fast-turn Print Circuit Board Design, Fabrication and Assembly. Print Circuit Boards ranging from low layer count to high-end for all market sectors, especially for the Semiconductor and Hard-disk industry. We also provide turn-key solution for prototyping quantity and small to mid volume requirement.

On Mechanical, we provide fast-turn design for any mechanical parts, jigs and fixtures. We provide mechanical fabrication for mid to high precision requirement. We specialize in custom Test contactor/Socket design and fabrication for the Semiconductor and Hard-disk industry.

Highly service oriented.
Highly competative.
Provide Customer with " Total Customized" solution.
Overcome problems and excel in all aspects.
Provide " Value Add" to all our product and services.
Excelence to be "A Complete Test Interconnect Solution" provider has propelled us to be a well intergrated   design and fabrication house.
Our engineering expertise and experiences have been ensuring the highest quality of our product to our   valuable customers. We fully guarantee our product in meeting with customer's Mechanical and Electrical needs   and most importantly with the ability for "Plug & Play."

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