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    We have excelled in providing quality and on time Printed Circuit Design, PCB Fabrication, Mechanical Design, Mechanical Fabrication and Turnkey solutions to the Commercial, Semiconductor and Hard-disk industry. We have been recognized as a supplier that meets customer specification with accurate and concise data, quality final product and meeting with required dateline. We are dynamic and aggressive which gave us a very competitive edge.
  Established in Year 2003
  ISO 9001Certified
  Design Center in Thailand with 8 designer that cove both PCB and Mechanical design
  Associated PCB Fabrication House in both China and Korea
  Associated Precision Machining Shop in both Singapore and Malaysia
  Commercial PCB design, Fabrication and assembly
  Semiconductor Test Load Board and DUT Board Design, Fabrication and Assembly
  Test Contactor design and fabrication
  Design and fabrication for Mechanical Parts
  Contact Probe–Pogo Pin
  Mechanical Parts, Jigs & Fixtures design and fabrication
  Trading of Electronics and Mechanical components
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