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    Our engineering expertise and experiences ensure the highest quality to our valuable customers. That’s why we fully guarantee each product offered mechanically, functionally and electrically. We believe in quality as a part of the basic process,  not as an additional element. In addition, our engineers strictly comply with customers  specification.
Microchip Technology Inc. (USA)
Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
LAPIS Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
Hana Semiconductor Co.,Ltd
ETA (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Western Digital (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Seagate Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
LSI (Thailand) Ltd.
Min Aik Technology (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Millennium Microtech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Utac Thai Limited
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
Maxim intergrate Products Ltd.
International Rectifier S.E. Asia Pte Ltd.
Fabrinet co.,ltd
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