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    Almancx PCB Designer implements a documentation process that allows both the designer and the customer to record and track every phase throughout the design process. As each phase is completed, both the designer and engineering lead will review and sign off on the critical factors of the design to assure meeting design rule specifications. This tracking system corroborates ISO 9001 Document Control practices.
Integrity PCB Design provides quality Printed Circuit Board Layout and Design, quick-turn procurement of Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and Assembly and is committed to customer support throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.
PCB Design Service
Schematic capture
Sample board (Reverse Engineering)
Modification of existing board
Plane segmentation
Fabrication Drawing creation
Net list convertion
Gerber Conversion
PCB Routing Service
Auto & Manual Routing
Equal line length with in the specified length tolerance
Exact equal line length Routing
Differential pair / High speed signal Shielding
Impedance control
Layer requirements (impedance)
Design Rule Check (DRC) & Report generation
Design for Manufacturing (DFM) verification
Signal Intensity
Define Layout specification & Verification
Topology Optimization
Stack - Up Selection
Floor Planing
Reflection and Ringing Analysis
Crosstalk Analysis
Timing Analysis
IPC Netlist Testing
Flying Probe Tester
Impedance Verification – Polar CITS900s4
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