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  PCB Information:
PCB Fabrication from Single side, Double side to Multi Layers (4 ~ 40 Layers). Accept Gerber file and PCB file such as Protel, Orcad, Pads, Cam, Power PCB, Eagle, Proteus and Other.
PCB Diagnostics, Repair , Re- Gold plate and Testing.
Full Turnkey PCB Assembly and Test.
Component sourcing and trading. We have good network for Components sourcing in the USA and other Asian reputable sources.
  Material Specification:
  Single Layer / Double Layer.
  Multilayers : (4 ~ 40 Layers).
  Material : FR-4, FR1, CEM-1, CEM-3, Flexible PCB, Base PCB (Aluminium PCB).
  LPI Soldermask Colour : GREEN, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, RED.
  Copper Thickness : 1 ~ 6 oz.
  Plating : HAL ~ HAL LF ~ Imm. Gold ENTEK ~ NIKLE. Soft Gold ~ Hard Gold.
  Silkscreen color availabe in White, Black, Yellow.
  Production Specification:
  Maximum Board Size 600X600 mm.
  Minimum Hole Size 0.2 mm.
  Minimum via Hole 8 mil.
  Minimum Clearance (Track to Track) 5 mil.
  Minimum Line (Tracks) width 5 mil.
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