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Almancx Imposes The Policy of High Quality Production and Excellent Services Since The Beginning With a Reasonable Price as Well as a Quick and On-time Delivery.

Precision Machining

Almancx offers one-stop comprehensive precision machining solutions from concept, production, design to final fabrication. Our team of masterful manufacturing and concrete machining electronic designers possess incredible know-how in constructing automation modules to assist our clients’ existing production line. Almancx has the ability to reverse engineer any type of mechanical part. We can support you through the design and production process of mechanical parts, such as jigs and fixtures, and any type of test contactor utilized in the hard disk drive and semiconductor sector.

We work with Fujim Digital, our manufacturing partner based in Penang, Malaysia, to assist clients in obtaining fabrication materials for processes ranging from standard metal parts to specialized metal parts and engineering plastic parts.

Almancx ensures that our products and components undergo rigorous inspection under our partner’s installed CMM and Vision system, in compliance with our customer’s specifications and requirements.

Fujim Facilities

CNC Milling

(High Speed) 700x400mm 1pc
(High Speed) 500x400mm 1pc

CNC Milling
(High speed) 650×2 350pcs
(High Speed) pallet change

CNC Milling
(High Speed) 500x400mm 1pc

Ares Seiki
1+4 Axis CNC Milling

(High Speed) 500x400mm 1pc

CNC Milling
760x520mm 1pc

CNC Lathe
Dia 200mm

CNC Milling
1000x520mm 1pc
760x520mm 3pcs

CNC Milling
(high speed) 500x350mm 1pc

Brother Speedio
5 Axis with Turning Function CNC Milling

Wvision Auto
With Probe OGP
Table size 500mmx400mm

Manual Vision Scope
Table size 300mmx200mm

CMM with Scanner
Table size 1000mmx600mm

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

With almost 20 years experience in the industry with our cutting edge expertise and team, we guarantee our products are high-quality as well as impressive comprehensive service in providing solutions to meet your demands. We are also trusted by many leading companies, supplying our high standard PCB and other components for their industrial products.

Market leader

With 20 years experience, we are trusted in supplying our product to many companies in the electronic industry.

Cutting Edge Expertise

Our team is full of professional members with extensive knowledge in production, design, and assembly.

One-Stop Service

With our extensive knowledge in different fields, we are able to offer you inclusive services since the project starts to the final.


Trusted by many leading companies, not only our product reached the high standard but also long-standing use in terms of efficiency.

Reliable Partners

We work with our international partners who are potential providers in PCB and mechanical components with offering finest production and inspection systems.


We prioritize our customers first. That you are able to specify what you need in both design and production. Also we provide the solutions for you.


We welcome all customers with all scales in design and production from small scale to industrial scale.

Innovative Approach

Our products are operated by the state-of-the-art machines and sophisticated knowledge